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Alternate Ledes For This Story About Jessica Springsteen, Showjumper

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“She was born to jump.

Jessica Springsteen, daughter of rock legend Bruce and E Street Band alumnus Patti Scialfa, is edging closer to joining the U.S. Olympic showjumping team.”


“Jessica Springsteen: Boss’ daughter born to jump,” by Ollie Williams for CNN


“A tramp like her? Baby, she was born to jump.”

“She’s just jumping in the dark.”

“She jumps in the U.S.A..”

“Everybody’s got a jumping heart.”

“Come on up for the jumping.”

“Jumping days? Well, they’ll pass you by.”

“She was blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another jumper in the night.”


“Jessica Springsteen, jump a little lighter.”

“At the end of every hard earned day, she finds some reason to jump.”

“Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, but Jessica Springsteen isn’t satisfied until she jumps over everything.”


“Everything jumps, baby. That’s a fact. But maybe everything that jumps doesn’t make it to the U.S. Olympic showjumping team.”

“They scream her name at night in the street. Her graduation gown lies in rags at their feet. And in the lonely cool before dawn, she hears their engines, roaring on. But when she gets to the porch, they’re gone on the wind. So, Jessica Springsteen, climb in. It’s a town full of losers, and she’s pulling out of here to jump.”


“41 jumps.”

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